Saturday, 7 May 2011

Some interesting and useful sites you may like.

On a semi regular basis I will be building a small list of sites which I think people may like.  If anyone has any relevant, useful, or interesting sites they would like me to mention, please leave a comment in this post.  Many of the sites/blogs I will list are ones that I follow, if you stop by and like there page, please say hello from me!

In no particular order:
Peakseekers is a must for anyone that is into walking, hiking, and backpacking.  It is mainly based around the UK, but Matt has been to Everest base camp and made a few appearances in Trail Magazine.  He is a great photographer and one of the nicest blokes you'll ever meet.  ....I know you will like this one.
Mr Smythe describes himself as a purveyor of nostalgia, humour and social commentary- and I am quite happy to agree.  Gorges writing style is very engaging and because of this he has a loyal group of followers of which I am one.
This is a new forum which I can see being popular in the near future.  It has a good layout without too many categories.  All it needs now is more people.  The site owner as well as the other members are very welcoming, and knowledgeable so please stop by.
A new outdoor cookery blog that is already gaining popularity from the bushcraft crowd, and rightly so.  The photography is so good you can almost smell the smoke of the fire.  Like many a good outdoor blog it makes you want to get out there and do it for yourself and in the case of this blog I feel like getting a fire going and relaxing with a glass of merlot.
One of my favourite online shops.  A small family run business that is friendly and customer driven.  It gets a special mention here due to some recent purchases I made from it.  I recently upgraded many of my camping metalware for some lightweight titanium stuff so I can travel further without my pack weighing me down.  Delivery was next day, and I recieved two attempts  to call me (I missed both unfortunatly) to check my order had arrived safely.  Good quality products, and user friendly site which I will no doubt be using again.
One of the best bushcraft forums you will find.  Lots of very active members keep the chat going.  A real community spirit coupled with a friendly vibe make this a great place to visit if you have any bushcraft, camping, or foraging related questions.
This website in my opinion is as good as it gets.  The man is a legend that needs no introduction to anyone in the bushcraft community.
An outstanding blog with an emphasis on family getting out and doing stuff together.  It was one of the inspirations for me starting my blog as I look forward to the day I can take my son out with me to teach him the things that matter in life.
It seems this guy spent some time living in a tree house and wrote a book about it- whats not to like?  This is a great site for anybody that wants to get into foraging or self sufficiency.  Packed with useful informations and great photography.
***Thats all for now folks, I can see this post getting very big in the future***

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