Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Check out my new blog;

Yououtdoors is a blog where you tell me and the world what you've been up to.  Walking, backpacking, camping, bushcraft, outdoor cooking, mountain biking, kayaking etc. -its all welcome there!   
Here's how it works;

1) Send me your name, and where you have been/what you were doing to  This will form the title.

2) In the email send include a brief write up on your travels/activity (approx 2 paragraphs).  This will be posted above the photos.

3) Include up to 3 photos of your travels/activity.

4) If you like you can give the address of your blog or website (optional).  This link will be posted at the bottom of the post to allow readers to follow your blog or read the full story.

....and I'll do the rest!


  1. It might be me, but I copied the address you give, but it does not get anywhere? Otherwise, that sounds like a great idea.

  2. Thats strange Joel, I just gave it a go and it worked fine. Try this;

    If anyone else has this problem let me know. Also if anyone knows how to make a clicky link that would be really helpful.