Saturday, 7 May 2011

Lightweight backpacking loadout

With any trip I go on I spend a lot of time planning what I'm going to take with me.  No one wants to be unprepared, especially in the Lake District.  The last time me and Sam (my brother in law) tried a wild camp in the lakes we were practically washed off the mountain.  The place flash flooded turning the 'path' we walked up into a waterfall, and turning the campsite we walked past into a no-mans land (bar one stranded tent...doh!).  No waterproofs, and carrying lots of heavy unnecessaries we gave up our 3 day hike after the first night.  Embarrassing to say the least, but it was like a baptism of fire for us.  As we carried all of our soaking wet gear down the mountain we were already talking about our return, and discussing what we would do differently next time.  That time has come, only this time, we are much more prepared.

Lightweight backpacking loadout from left to right (rough typewriter style).

Karrimor Sf Sabre 45 Backpack
Lamifold Explorer Map
British army bivi bag
Pacific Outdoor self inflating sleep mat
Lightweight single person groundsheet
Army Poncho (for sleeping under)
Sit mat (high comfort item that weighs next to nothing)
Sandals (great to get those boots off after a log day of hiking, also gives the feet and boots time to dry out).
50ltr rucksack rain cover
Mora Knife
12metres 550 paracord for hanging my tarp
5 metres 550 paracord for general purpose
Lightweight bungees
Water purification tabs and neutralisers
Boil in the bag meals, 2 breakfast, 2 dinner
250 grams of quick cook pasta to supplement my main meal
Snugpak jungle sleeping bag

MSR Titan kettle
Coleman F1 stove
Long titanium spoon 
250 gas canister and F1 pouch- all on top of trangia pouch

Toilet kit in ziplock bag, lighter, MSR blizzard peg trowel, tissues, alcohol gel

Fox whistle
First aid kit
Small backup torch
Wash kit
Homemade ration style pack lunch

90 patt army water bottle and mug
Petzl tactikka head torch
Brass Zippo Lighter
Leatherman Wave
Hand wipes
Snugpak small wash bag (used to organise small items)
Beef Jerky
High calorie flapjack bars
Mixed nuts and fruit

Things missing out of picture;
Waterproof trousers and jacket
Buff scarf
Scource 2L water bladder for backpack
A couple of chocolate bars for pudding after evening meal
Socks and pants

Compass...ironic that I can't find this.


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