Thursday, 10 March 2011

*WARNING* I am new to blogging, so expect this to be a bit crap until I figure it all out.

A bit of an intro.  My names Andy, I have been into camping, bushcraft, survival, hiking etc since I was a kid.  It is only the past few years that I have started to venture out into the wilds of England and practice what I have read about, and seen on TV.  On average I go out every season at least once but preferably 2-3 times.  I work a lot but when I do get spare time, with the support/permission of my wife I get my backpack and head off to the woods.  It is with these pages that I would like to document what I do- so the big journey into the world of t'internet starts here.

On this blog you will find all the above topics along with tools, knives, torches, reviews, and anything else that takes my fancy.  

Why 'Secret Camper'?  Because it is always my aim to blend in to the environment and leave no trace.  Does this mean I will wear a ghillie suit, or be head to toe in army gear? NO.  It just means that when I set up camp I wont be wearing a bright red jacket, while I set up a large yellow tent- in a place that every passer by will see.   

Legal note:  I always obtain permission to stay in every place I camp, and always operate within the boundaries of the law.  Any references to wild camping are purely theoretical and for entertainment purposes only.