Thursday, 18 August 2011

Stealthy woodland wild camp.

Normally my camps are well planned and thought out, but this weeks wild camp was a spontanious decision.  I grabbed my rucksack and trew in whatever I thought I needed.  With water bottles filled, and food packed I was raring to go.  And then the dog lead was handed to me...that meant my wife wanted me to take the dog too.  This generally means a broken nights sleep while the dog growls at noises and shadows in the night.

The trip started with a good 6 mile walk around the local area before getting to the predetermined wild camp spot for a late pitch.  Bruno as always had tons of energy that we needed him to burn off before we settled down for the night (for the didn't work).

The darkness came in quickly, so we got pitched up, and got cooking.  A good meal was just what we needed after the long walk we had.  We moved away from the camp and cooked and ate on the bench you can see from the pics.  The meal was washed down with a few Koppaberg ciders while looking across fields as the sun went down.  It was then time to start the fire and get comfortable.

Six hours sleep was all I needed.... or so Bruno decided.  That said, it was a beautiful morning with the sun cutting through the trees.

A growing lad such as myself needs his food, so I got a pack of sausages in the pan and sat back listening to the lovely sizzle! 


All rubbish tidied up, and the camp looks just as we found it.

Keeping true with the 'pitch late, leave early' philosophy, we packed up our gear, bagged up the rubbish, scattered the ashes, and headed off;- leaving no trace. 

A great camp spot that took a while to find, but was well worth it.  As we walked out of the camp we spotted a man and his kids fast asleep on a groundsheet.  They must have slept under the stars with hardly any gear other then sleeping bags. -a lesson in priorities to us all.