Saturday, 7 May 2011

My journey into the realms of lightweight backpacking.

With my trip to the lake district only days away, I decided to take the weight off my shoulders by buying some lightweight gear.  Due to the nature of UK bushcraft there is not much of a need for lightweight gear.  Many of my cooking pots and grills for camping in the woods are made of stainless steel, as I am rarely walking more then 3 miles to get to my chosen site weight is not an issue. 

Trekking up steep hills is no fun, but the views make it all worth while.  In order to get these views I knew I needed to shed as much weight from my pack as possible.  Aluminium is not ideal for use over a fire so I opted for titanium.  My favourite shop for this stuff is a family run business called .  They were very helpful over the phone and keep good stock levels so I wasn't left waiting.

Pictured below is my lightweight cookware.  MSR Titan Kettle, Coleman F1 Lite stove (smaller then the MSR pocket rocket, and super powerful), Leatherman Wave (multitool that will double up as my pot grabber), Lhoon- or long spoon if you prefer (useful for boil in the bag meals), MSR Blizzard Peg (for use as a trowel as suggested in my iPOOD post).

Pictured above are my titanium tent pegs and ultralight groundsheet from, and my Pacific Outdoor oyl lite sleep mat.  Don't use the pegs for scale as they are tiny.  All of these were chosen for there small pack size.



  1. Georges Grouse posted a link and he has good taste. I will bookmark you and check back.

    Grace and Peace.

  2. Thanks very much, hes a good bloke that Mr Smythe.