Saturday, 16 April 2011

First wild camp with my dog

My Mrs has the flu, my son has the flu, my brother in law has the flu.  So I did what any man in this zombie apocalypse would do- I grabbed my rucksack and my dog and went camping for the night!  I went to one of my favourite spots that had a car park nearby.  This is the first time I have been out the night with my dog Bruno so I needed a safety net if he was playing up all night.  Anyone that knows him knows he is crazy.  Energizer bunny crazy.  So when we got to the woods I set up camp and took him for a walk in an attempt to burn off some energy.  It worked, and I managed to get at least 6 hrs sleep.  He woke me up a few times as various animals were scratching around in the bushes, owls barking (yes owls bark!- scares the hell out of me every time).  But he stayed put, and was a very welcome guest.  Its fair to say that he will be featuring in many more camp photos.

Burning off some energy

Relaxing by the fire (sorry for the crap quality)

Got this mat on ebay brand new and sealed for a bargain £20
For all the kit junkies out there.  This is most of the kit I used

Ashes scattered, and rubbish taken with me- you wouldn't even know I was there.

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