Saturday, 16 April 2011

Birch Tapping camp

This is a wild camp me and my brother in law Sam did in march.  The main aim of that camp was to try birch tapping for the first time.  I packed all my gear and headed to my local steel fabricators to make me a hand auger.  With the weld still cooling while we drove to the forest it started to get dark.  This is why all photos were taken in the morning.  Sorry about the quality, they were just taken on my phone.  As I get more into this I'll upgrade.

Sam watching the breakfast.

Birch tap up and running

Good things come to those who wait...... still waiting.

Butchers finest

Some gear you may be able to see is bivi bags, Berghaus crusader, Snugpak Bergen, US poncho, French poncho(?), ipood shovel, Trangia pan, Wilko grill, stanley hip flask, and sweedish army trangia.

(My next post will go into more detail on the birch tapping tools).

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