Friday, 17 August 2012

Return to Pistyll Rhaeadr (Berwyn Range, Wales)

This walk along with our last are walks I have done in the past with Matt from  They were spur of the moment walks and obviously easy to navigate from memory without a map/gps.  I'm wondering when our good weather luck is going to run out.  It was a bright sunny day with virtually no wind until we got to the top.

I enjoyed this walk just as much as the last time I did it, although the top of the waterfall was very busy as this walk was on a weekend.  As we walked away from the crowds at the top of the waterfall, Bruno went into chase mode on a local sweetheart (sheep).  He decided to chase the sheep into a couple that were eating thier sandwiches.  They were not particularly happy about this, and rudely told me that I should control my dog after watching me repeatedly shouting for him to come back.  I invited them to catch Bruno but they declined.  Note to miserable couple: Next time, if you expect an appology, be polite and don't come out guns blazing.

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  1. ...stunning ~ beautiful ~ English countryside! ~ blessed be!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...