Friday, 17 August 2012

I made my first leather knife sheath today (for British MOD Survival Knife).

I made this knife sheath today for my modified British MOD survival knife. The knife is 5mm thick high carbon steel which I brought down to a clip point. I also removed most of the finish but left it a little rough around the edges for a rustic look.  This is my other post on this knife detailing the modifications I carried out;

The sheath is made of multiple layers of 4mm thick full grain leather, stitched with nylon thread and given a waterproof dressing.  It is a design based on Leodis Leather's Rat Cutlery sheath.  Check out his vids on Youtube, they are very good if you are taking up leathercraft.

Its my first leathercraft project and I am happy with the results.  I found it very relaxing, so this will be the first of many.  My next project will be to make a sheath for my Ontario Cutlass machete (12") as it didn't come with one. 


  1. ...awesome craftsmanship! ~ congrats on your very first project!...

  2. Looks great and really compliments your knife. I like the detailing you have included on the belt loop. Have you ever tried working with Kydex to make knife sheaths ?

  3. It's really looking nice. You are really made a beautiful knife.
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