Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ezy Dog Backpack Review

This is a follow up from my owners earlier post on the broken cheapo backpack.  The seller was kind enough to offer him an instant refund, so the cheapskate decided to do what he should have done in the first place- bought me a quality pack.  This is my review of the Ezy Dog backpack.

When the pack arrived I was instantly impressed with the quality.  Its materials are what you would expect to see on a high quality human backpack.  Ripstop nylon, waterproof zips, and lightweight mesh padding.  All the hardware such as buckles, and trident clips are also top notch. 

Upon trying it on all my concerns of backpacks from the last purchase disapeared.  This pack is comfortable.  It sits above the legs instead of the middle of the back which allows me to move freely.  There are no straps that dangle around my, well... danglies. ...the straps on my last pack got a fresh spray of irn bru every time I cocked my leg.

So what do you put in a dog backpack? 

Well here is what I decided to load for two days wild camping in the lake district; 

Water bowl, Rubble sack (multi purpose, rubbish bag), waterproof and insulated coat for the cold night (I'll be under my owners tarpaulin), 3mtr length of para cord (leash for night time), tick tool, flannel (to dry off with at the end of the day), loads of bags (for some reason my owner likes to carry my $h*t??!!), a couple of rawhide chew bars, a tin of sardines for each day, and a good sized tub of dog buiscuits to nibble on throughout the day.

So far I am happy with my Ezy Dog backpack.  It has good load carrying capability, is comfortable and stable on the back, and built in a manner that suggests it will last a lot of abuse.  the main thing I like about it is that it gives me indipendence- so my owner doesnt get all my gear dirty. 

The real test of this pack will come when I go for my upcoming trip to the lake district shortly, I'll update this post when I get back., I'm off to go and lick my berries and wake up the neighbours.  You b*tches keep the bed warm for me. 

Bruno out.


  1. Hope you have better luck this time, Bruno!

  2. ...say! great galoshes! ~ this looks super swell! ~ awesome little share! ~ blessed be!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

  3. Hey Bruno :) I just discovered your blog whilst looking for something else (I've now completely forgot what it was I was doing). I'm "Cat", a 10 year old retired greyhound and I too have a blog about camping (Tho I stay in a tent on camp sites not climb mountains and sleep in the trees) and exploring.

    Does all your things in the foto really fit in that bag? I have a backpack (with my name on it) but the hoomans carry it for me.

    Catty x

  4. Thanks for your comment and the follow Catty. Yes, everything in the photo fit inside the backpack. The pockets are really deep and because of the internal sections it keeps it all organised. One little tip, make sure you clip it to your collar, that way as a back up if it decides to fall off. All the best to you. I'm off to go and sit on the sofa while my owner is out of the house.