Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Walking Win Hill and Alport Castles

Me and my good friend Matt from went for a walk in the peak district yesterday.  As always when I walk with Matt I am completly reliant on his navigation which is always on the money!  This is just as well as today we were doing a 13mile round walk.  We started the walk at 10am and finished at 6pm.  For the full write up, map, directions etc. please check out Matts site  and be sure to say hello from me.  I cannot take any credit for the pics as they are from Matts ubercamera, I hope you enjoy them as much as me.

CAUTION: We have since found out that we should not have climbed the Tower at Alport Castles due to lose rocks coming away.  You've been warned! 

(Left) Matt from Peakseekers (Right) Myself

Watching my steps very carefully!

The upcoming photos show me and Matt sat on the top of this.

A bit of danger lets you know you're alive!

A little out of comfort zone, but what a buzz.

All photos supplied by Matt, please visit his site if you want to see the best of what the UK has to offer. 


  1. Beautiful country. Can you imagine the things those hills have "seen?"

  2. I am lucky enough to be working in the Peaks at the moment, it is a stunning place, especially at this time of year with clear skies and autumn colours. Thanks for taking the time to post your adventures.

    PS. sloe gin is coming along nicely!

  3. ...what an awesome journey! captivating country you have there! ~ thankyou sO much for the share! ~ blessings to you!... i bequeath a sonnet for thee!...
    ...(was directed here by the wonderful wise owl!)...

  4. Yes...stunning photos. After the recent rain and snow I should think that the water levels in the reservoirs will be higher now.

  5. Thanks for sharing, the picture's are beautiful!Made me think I was there, what a lovely country you have :)

  6. Just out of interest. Was that set of keys still attached to the Trig Point on Win Hill? Quite a wierd thing to see I thought?
    Looked like an ace trek this one, awesome.

  7. I don't remember any keys, when I see Matt next I'll ask him if he remembers seeing them.