Friday 17 August 2012

I made my first leather knife sheath today (for British MOD Survival Knife).

I made this knife sheath today for my modified British MOD survival knife. The knife is 5mm thick high carbon steel which I brought down to a clip point. I also removed most of the finish but left it a little rough around the edges for a rustic look.  This is my other post on this knife detailing the modifications I carried out;

The sheath is made of multiple layers of 4mm thick full grain leather, stitched with nylon thread and given a waterproof dressing.  It is a design based on Leodis Leather's Rat Cutlery sheath.  Check out his vids on Youtube, they are very good if you are taking up leathercraft.

Its my first leathercraft project and I am happy with the results.  I found it very relaxing, so this will be the first of many.  My next project will be to make a sheath for my Ontario Cutlass machete (12") as it didn't come with one. 

Return to Pistyll Rhaeadr (Berwyn Range, Wales)

This walk along with our last are walks I have done in the past with Matt from  They were spur of the moment walks and obviously easy to navigate from memory without a map/gps.  I'm wondering when our good weather luck is going to run out.  It was a bright sunny day with virtually no wind until we got to the top.

I enjoyed this walk just as much as the last time I did it, although the top of the waterfall was very busy as this walk was on a weekend.  As we walked away from the crowds at the top of the waterfall, Bruno went into chase mode on a local sweetheart (sheep).  He decided to chase the sheep into a couple that were eating thier sandwiches.  They were not particularly happy about this, and rudely told me that I should control my dog after watching me repeatedly shouting for him to come back.  I invited them to catch Bruno but they declined.  Note to miserable couple: Next time, if you expect an appology, be polite and don't come out guns blazing.

Return to Win Hill and Alport Castles (Peak District)

This post is about a month overdue to other commitments, sorry its a little late.  The weather report said 'light showers throughout the day', so rainproofs were packed and we headed off to the peaks.  As usual, the reports were wrong and it proved to be one of the only sunny days of the year.  This was the towards the end of the wettest drought in history.  A beautiful walk, with an adrenaline pumping climb up Alport Castles...again.